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Everything you need to continue learning despite COVID-19 pandemic

  • Due to the effect of COVID-19 on education, Microsoft bring to you Teams For Education.
  • Setup Teams for education virtual classes  for live interaction between tutor and learners either as a stand-alone app or with educ8e.
  • Schedule notification is sent to students ahead of the class.
  • Transparent assignment and grading are available for tutors to compute quickly and effortlessly with real-time feedback to students.
  • Student access and participate in the virtual class anywhere in the world via videoconferencing.
  • Online whiteboard for real-time collaboration.
  • Breakout rooms for group chat and assignment.
  • Coordinate research across institutions online.
  • Easily facilitate student extra curricular life such as Jet clubs, Debate teams etc all from a single experience.
  • Teams for education is also integrated with educ8e for a better learning experience.

More Reasons to choose Teams for Education!

Benefits of using Teams for Education


Enjoy uninterrupted learning despite the current COVID-19 pandemic in the world. With Teams for Education, your school can continue to engage students for free and continue taking classes.


With our Microsoft Gold partnership status, you get FREE school registration with Microsoft without .edu domain.


We offer support 24/7 throughout and after implementation of Microsoft Teams for Education.

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