All in one web-based school management system

Interactive and User-friendly

Educ8e, web-based School Management Software is specifically designed  to simplify the process of educational institutions to meet all your emerging technological and administrative requirements.


Core Essential Modules

Educ8e Modules



Efficient web-based user-driven application software for managing the entire admission process.



Provides tools for assignments,tests,exam and projects grading for efficient transparent process



Track records of your students' past, future and current fee billing /payment collection receipts.



Designed to track and manage attendance of students & staff electronically with bio-metric tools.



Equip and empower institutions with real-live data for informed strategic decisions.



Handles Student records, assessment, results & other details with communications tools.



Maintains the personal & professional information of the faculty members, courses and other details.



Provide parents and guardians with access to essential data and alerts about their wards.

About Educ8e

Educ8e by integrating admissions, registration, student billing, financial aid, student services and more into a single system with  built-in, self-service portals, all operating on a single, secure shared database enables institutions to provide on the fly enterprise reporting and business intelligence on student, financial, academic and administrative operations of the school.

Why Educ8e?

Available for both Tertiary Institutions and High schools.

Single secured database architecture.

Mobility- portals can be accessed on any  internet enabled device

Role based security with integration with  two factor authentication and sms verification.

Communication channel supporting email, sms, WhatsApp, messenger etc. .

Workflow  automation.

Mobile App

Track the school's daily activities at your fingertips!

Enjoy the benefit of your school management system on the go and stay connected with everyone.

The mobile app is available for students, teachers and parents.

Amazing Benefits of School Management System

Academic Calendar

Flexible academic calendar

Document Management

Embedded document management

Registration Tools

Powerful registry automation tools

Intelligence Report

Business intelligence report

Academic Tracking

Continuous academic performance tracking.

ERP Integration

Seamless integration with ERP for complete business and student management

Real Time Portals

Portals for real time interaction of students, faculty and parents with Educ8e

Audit System

Built in degree audit and graduation requirement